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Private lessons aren’t right for everyone. You may not have the available time, may already be taking private lessons, or just want to brush up. Workshops are perfect for you! Learning and growing in a group setting offers several benefits:

Visual  Are you a visual learner? So are many people. My workshops are designed with that fact in mind to help you build the muscle memory needed to accomplish fluency.

No weekly commitment  Practice your Spanish when you can. Each workshop can be taken separately and in no particular order. 

Small groups. Four people maximum. We want quality over quantity.

No need to switch schools  If you are already taking lessons with any other school in the city, my workshops are a great complement to those efforts as well. Lots of practice, exposure and usage are the key besides instruction.

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Types of Workshops

To sign up for a particular workshop, pick one from the scheduled workshops page. Sessions must be paid in advanced via my Square Market Place store. Want to suggest a theme for a workshop or a new date for one? Contact me

Por & Para

Which one is it, right? Stop by for a healthy dose of these evil twins. We’ll drill them heavily and will have a good time while at it. Knowing the rules won’t help you much but practice will. To participate: You should be familiar with the present tense. Rate: 1 Workshop $45 / Package of 4 Workshops (any combination) $160.



¡Ay, el subjuntivo! Is not as bad as everyone thinks. But it is challenging and it makes sense to approach it in a way that provides an opportunity to use it and not just understand it. To participate: You should be familiar with the subjunctive verb conjugation. Rate: 1 Workshop $45 / Package of 4 Workshops (any combination) $160.


Ser & Estar

Is it ser or estar? -Everyone who has ever study Spanish as a second language has encountered that dilema. Here’s a chance to figure them out by speaking and practicing. To participate: You should be familiar with the present tense. Rate: 1 Workshop $45 / Package of 4 Workshops (any combination) $160.



Easy to conjugate, not so much to use. Without it, you can’t really tell the tale but it can feel quite unnatural at first. This one you got to practice a lot and go for the muscle memory. To participate: You should be familiar with the verb conjugation for both, the preterite tense and the imperfect tense. Rate: 1 Workshop $45 / Package of 4 Workshops (any combination) $160.



If you’ve been to a Spanish meetup or something of the sort, you know that whether the experience is good or bad depends on who is in the vicinity of your seat at the table in a Latin-themed restaurant. So it’s hit or miss. This workshop is a chance to participate in a 4 person conversation group with corrections, suggestions and comments from the language coach. To keep it as conversational as possible, there is correction and reinforcement but not many explanations. Rate: 1 Workshop $35 / Package of 5 Workshops (any combination) $160. Available in two levels:


Intermediate Conversation

You are familiar with the most common tenses and are able to use them, not perfectly but ok. You still struggle with a few things. The imperfect tense might be a bit fuzzy and although the subjunctive is not a complete stranger, you don’t really feel confortable using it. You are able to have a casual conversation, provide information about yourself and ask someone for the same. You can make descriptions, express opinions, emotions and formulate questions about a variety of topics.


Advanced Conversation

You speak the language but would like to expand your vocabulary of formal terms and expressions as well as colloquialisms and other idiomatic expressions. You may still be shaky with the subjunctive but you have previously studied it.

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